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Nola Parker is a unique blend of a visionary, coach, and exemplary teacher. Drawing from her wealth of experience in life, she utilizes well-validated techniques and principles, which have proven to be effective over time. Nola uses her creative writings as a tool to fight against all sorts of abuse and maltreatment in the society. As a little girl, she observed the constant abuse of women in her environment. She also witnessed bullying very often coming from Louisiana. Nola couldn't do much about these ugly situations, but now as an adult not just any kind, an advocate, she has made it a mission to help people faced with the problems of abuse bullying, and negligence with her brilliant instincts and hands-on problem-solving skills

Nola is enthusiastically responsive to the needs of disenfranchised citizens and advocates for them always. She is continually propelled by her passion to see people succeed, discover their true purpose, maximize their potentials., and leave an accomplished life, undermining their current predicaments. Quite simply, Nola is an embodiment of vitality in the lives of people.

Tapping into her educational background, Nola holds a MS in Criminal Justice, a Diploma in Legal Studies, Mental Health Studios and also a Diploma in Teaching Skills.

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